Feed Zone Portables Sample Recipe: Gluten-Free Waffle Sandwiches

Before your next long ride, trail run, or hike, you can whip up this free sample recipe from Feed Zone Portables: Gluten-Free Banana Waffles. And of course you can squash your favorite jam, jelly, butter spread, lunch meat,… Read More

How to Wrap Any Portable Snack

In this video from Skratch Labs, Allen Lim demonstrates how his rice cake wrapping technique can wrap, well, pretty much any snack. You might ask, “Why can’t I just use a plastic bag?” Sure, plastic bags work fine… Read More

“In a world…” (A movie in which a rock climber finds new strength in The Feed Zone Cookbook)

In a world… Where one man… and his dream… of climbing a rock face… are just one cookbook from reality. Skratch Labs presents… a film… from director Johnny Duke… and starring Craig Reger as “The Climber”… WATER. STONE…. Read More

A Sample Taste from Feed Zone Portables: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

In this Feed Zone Portables video from Skratch Labs, Chef Biju shows how to make gluten-free cookies that actually taste good! And you’ll see in the video that this is a simple, quick recipe. Enjoy the video, buy… Read More

An Ad Made from Skratch: Real Food Is Better

Skratch Labs produced this commercial to talk about their philosophy that real food is better for performance. The menu has changed and no one can argue with the results: real food is better. Real food tastes better, digests… Read More