Sweet Rice Porridge: A Delicious Feed Zone Breakfast

Sweet Rice Porridge is a clever recipe from chef Biju Thomas that blends quick-absorbing carbs from white rice with the satisfying whole proteins found in eggs. Add bananas for some bonus carbs and potassium — or whatever fruit… Read More

Replace Gels and Energy Blocks with Real Food Snacks: Try Chocolate & Sea Salt Sticky Bites

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The Best Aid Station Foods for Ultramarathoners

Let’s be honest: chugging olive oil and chewing through slabs of bacon might not be ideal performance food for ultra running. Ultra runner Chris D. wrote in to ask “I’ve just started reading the new Feed Zone Portables… Read More

Gluten-Free Snack Recipe: Waffle Sandwiches

Before your next long ride, trail run, or hike, you can whip up this free sample recipe from Feed Zone Portables: Gluten-Free Banana Waffles. And of course you can squash your favorite jam, jelly, butter spread, lunch meat,… Read More

Juicing for Athletes: All the Nutrients, Little Fiber

Using a juicer improves the nutrient density of athletes’ diets by significantly increasing the quantity of fruits and vegetables they can handle without the worry of an unbearable amount of fiber load in their GI tract. (You can… Read More