Perfect Baked Squash (or Pumpkin!) Soup

It’s snowing again in Colorado which makes today a nice candidate for a rest day and a bowl of warm soup. Check out Biju’s favorite and fool-proof baked squash or pumpkin soup! Pumpkins and squash are everywhere right… Read More

Beet Juice, the Power-Boosting Drink

In the second video of the “Inside the Feed Zone” video series on, Dr. Allen Lim explains how drinking beet juice doesn’t just fuel athletes but also increases their power.              … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those readers who, like us, are celebrating Thanksgiving, we offer this repost of The Feed Zone Cookbook’s Whole Roasted Chicken recipe. This recipe offers a meal much like Thanksgiving, but with about a tenth of the work… Read More

Chicago Tribune interviews Allen Lim about The Feed Zone Cookbook (two free recipes)

In a story posted to its website last weekend, the Chicago Tribune interviewed Dr. Allen Lim about the inspiration that led to The Feed Zone Cookbook: “Our bodies are used to sitting down and having a meal with… Read More

“Snow Day” Banana Cobbler

Our friends in Colorado woke up today to several inches of snow — our first snow of the season! We were delighted to find a new wintry recipe from Chef Biju waiting for us. For those who skipped… Read More