Inside the Skratch Labs Mobile Kitchen at the Tour of California

Skratch Labs has a history with the Tour of California. In previous years, chef Biju Thomas drew from recipes found in The Feed Zone Cookbook to provide race hotels with the official Tour of California race menu. At… Read More

Lentine Alexis Zahler and Strawberry Rhubarb Two-Bite Pie

Lentine Alexis Zahler is a woman of many trades: elite athlete, journalist, and chef. She’s come up with a delightful twist on the Feed Zone Portables two-bite pie recipe: a Strawberry-Rhubarb flavor. Lentine offers a beautiful how-to story… Read More

The Feed Zone for Cyclocross: A Caroline Treadway Gallery

Feed Zone authors Dr. Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas spent a weekend in their hometown of Boulder serving food from scratch to the best cyclocross racers (and fans) in the country. The Skratch Labs food truck was… Read More

The Athlete’s Fruitcake!

Story, recipe, and photo by Chef Biju Thomas I’ve always thought that fruitcake gets a bad rap. Sure, the traditional recipe is comprised mostly of unnaturally colored things, it has a cloying sweetness, and a completely strange combination… Read More

How to Eat and Drink during Winter Exercise

Dr. Allen Lim has written a thorough 1,800-word article on the importance of staying hydrated and fueled during exercise in cold weather. He discusses the physiology of the human body in the heat, to which we are well… Read More