How Long Will Portables Last in the Fridge and in Your Pocket?

The Feed Zone Cookbook includes a sampling of the favorite portable snacks that authors Allen Lim and Biju Thomas have developed for (and with) pro cyclists: Allen’s Rice Cakes, Chicken Sausage Rice Cakes, Cashew and Bacon Rice Cakes,… Read More

Cook Train Eat Race Test Kitchen: Brown Rice Muffins

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Who’s that guy on the side of the road trying to give me drink mix and rice cakes?

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, the go-to trade magazine for bike shops, ran this story about how Dr. Allen Lim is practicing some guerrilla marketing in north Boulder. Allen explains what’s up in this video: Live in Boulder?… Read More

Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Pan Lining Paper: Good for Portables?

A reader Patricia was kind enough to post a comment about a new product she’s found useful for wrapping some of the portable recipes in The Feed Zone Cookbook: “Reynolds Wrap came out with a new product called… Read More

How to Make — and Wrap — Allen Lim’s Rice Cakes has posted the last of its cooking show video series Inside the Feed Zone. In this final video, you can learn how to make Allen Lim’s rice cakes and wrap them for easy portability. Check! It! Out!… Read More