From the Archives: Tom Boonen Cannot Sprint without The Feed Zone Cookbook

While Feed Zone Cookbook authors Allen Lim and Biju Thomas were cooking up a storm from the Skratch Labs Mobile Kitchen at the Tour of California in 2012, they ran into a few pro riders who had nice… Read More

Real-Life Riding, Racing, and Eating in the Feed Zone

Jeremy Morgan is a mtb racer with the Twin Six team and the rider behind the blog RubberSideDown and he is living in the Feed Zone. In this blog post about Savage CX, a 50-mile mountain bike race… Read More

New Recipe from Feed Zone Portables: Basic Baked Eggs

According to Dr. Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas, eggs are the peloton’s favorite source of protein. Why? It’s as much about practicality as it is about taste. At home or on the road, eggs are affordable, easy… Read More

Meet the Man Who Feeds the Peloton: Chef Biju Thomas

Bicycling magazine stopped by the team dining room at the Tour of California and ran into Chef Biju Thomas and the Skratch Labs team preparing food for the teams. This video The Man That Feeds the Peloton shows… Read More

“In a world…” (A movie in which a rock climber finds new strength in The Feed Zone Cookbook)

In a world… Where one man… and his dream… of climbing a rock face… are just one cookbook from reality. Skratch Labs presents… a film… from director Johnny Duke… and starring Craig Reger as “The Climber”… WATER. STONE…. Read More