New Recipe from Feed Zone Portables: Basic Baked Eggs

According to Dr. Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas, eggs are the peloton’s favorite source of protein. Why? It’s as much about practicality as it is about taste. At home or on the road, eggs are affordable, easy… Read More

Feed Zone Portables Sample Recipe: Gluten-Free Waffle Sandwiches

Before your next long ride, trail run, or hike, you can whip up this free sample recipe from Feed Zone Portables: Gluten-Free Banana Waffles. And of course you can squash your favorite jam, jelly, butter spread, lunch meat,… Read More

Sweet Rice Porridge Can Power Up Your Morning Ride

The Feed Zone Cookbook by Dr. Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas is packed with 150 athlete-friendly recipes that are delicious, simple to prepare, and ready to fuel your rides. The book includes breakfasts, portable snacks like Allen… Read More

Fueling for Cyclocross: The Pre-Race Feed Zone Breakfast

It’s 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Three hours from now you’ll be lining up at the start of a cyclocross race, readying for 45 minutes of full-throttle action. By now you’ve put the training in, but what… Read More

How to Substitute for Eggs in the Feed Zone

A reader wrote in recently having just acquired a brand-new food allergy to eggs. The Feed Zone Cookbook uses eggs quite a bit, so this poses a problem for our now eggless friends. Fortunately, chef Biju knows how… Read More