VeloNews Story on The Feed Zone Cookbook!

“It sounds odd, but a bowl of cereal was the genesis for the recently released cookbook, “The Feed Zone: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes.” The moment of inspiration came during one of Allen Lim’s first trips to… Read More

The Feed Zone Cookbook Makes LAVA Magazine’s Holiday Wish List for Triathletes

“[The Feed Zone Cookbook doesn’t] promise to be just another guide to healthy eating in 30 minutes or less. Blending science and practice from Lim and Chef Biju Thomas, the book offers wisdom on food timing, counting calories… Read More

Chicago Tribune interviews Allen Lim about The Feed Zone Cookbook (two free recipes)

In a story posted to its website last weekend, the Chicago Tribune interviewed Dr. Allen Lim about the inspiration that led to The Feed Zone Cookbook: “Our bodies are used to sitting down and having a meal with… Read More

Pro Athletes Praise Allen Lim, Biju Thomas, and The Feed Zone Cookbook

“Not only did Biju and Allen help salvage a disastrous start to my 2011 season and turn it into one of my best, they actually got me into the kitchen, cooking these recipes.” — Levi Leipheimer, professional cyclist… Read More