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VeloNews Story on The Feed Zone Cookbook!

“It sounds odd, but a bowl of cereal was the genesis for the recently released cookbook, “The Feed Zone: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes.” The moment of inspiration came during one of Allen Lim’s first trips to Europe, where he witnessed a young pro cyclist pour himself the aforementioned bowl of cereal — for dinner.

Clearly the nameless racer was tired of the standard bland chicken-and-pasta diet that’s so common in the professional peloton and was looking for a change. Sadly, the best he could do was a box of bran flakes.

“I knew then that there had to be a better way,” recalls Lim, a Ph.D. and sports physiologist who has worked for both the then-Garmin-Transitions team and Team RadioShack, and this year is doing consulting work with individual athletes such as Levi Leipheimer.”

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The Feed Zone Cookbook Makes LAVA Magazine’s Holiday Wish List for Triathletes

LAVA magazine holiday wishlist“[The Feed Zone Cookbook doesn’t] promise to be just another guide to healthy eating in 30 minutes or less. Blending science and practice from Lim and Chef Biju Thomas, the book offers wisdom on food timing, counting calories and managing hunger, and help navigating your way through divergent ideas on diet and food trends. Dr. Lim’s experience is just the kind of thing us serious athletes look for in a cookbook author….For the athlete on your list who trains hard and appreciates fresh, wholesome food and creative fusions of flavors, this one won’t disappoint.”

Check out LAVA magazine’s review of The Feed Zone Cookbook on the first installment of its holiday wishlist for triathletes.

Chicago Tribune interviews Allen Lim about The Feed Zone Cookbook (two free recipes)

In a story posted to its website last weekend, the Chicago Tribune interviewed Dr. Allen Lim about the inspiration that led to The Feed Zone Cookbook:

“Our bodies are used to sitting down and having a meal with friends and family, cutting up the food, chewing and slowly digesting over the evening with a great glass of wine,” says Lim.”

“We’re not used to tearing open a foil package with a deconstructed blob of goo and sucking it down while racing bikes at 30 mph. Sports companies are constantly deconstructing foods to the point where people are eating some key elements of food, not the whole food.” Lim says.”

Continue reading the Chicago Tribune article “Some athletes ditch processed foods for the real deal.”

Continue reading more on this website about Lim’s inspiration for The Feed Zone Cookbook.

Odessa Gunn Tries Out The Feed Zone Cookbook!

So here’s the thing: I would rather be outside with my animals than in the kitchen. Most cookbooks look very intimidating to me.

To me they say, “You’re gonna have to spend all day at the market and in the kitchen and you still might mess it up.” But Biju and Allen’s book is so simple, healthy, and not intimidating! Amen to that!

The pumpkin squash soup (not pictured) is my favorite. I never really knew how easy it is to make healthy food. Amazing.

So far Levi has had seconds on everything and he’s not easy to please. I’m on a roll!

About Odessa Gunn

Odessa is a former professional road cyclist and animal-rights advocate. She is married to pro cyclist Levi Leipheimer, with whom she cooks recipes from The Feed Zone Cookbook. Gunn has a great sense of humor, which you can see in this exchange with Fat Cyclist.

Chef Biju Cooks for Team RadioShack


Denver’s 9 News channel offers this quick profile of Biju cooking up a storm for Team RadioShack during the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in August.

Click the image below to be whisked away to the video segment.

Chef Biju cooks for Team RadioShack