Allen & Biju

Feed Zone Table by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim

Dr. Allen Lim (left) and chef Biju Thomas (right)

Biju Thomas is a professional chef who has designed the menus of successful restaurants across Colorado. Marrying his great passion for food and cycling, Thomas began cooking for sports fundraisers and events, working with Andy Hampsten, Jonathan Vaughters, and the Slipstream Sports cycling team. Cooking for one of Vaughters’ dinner parties, Biju met sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim, who loved the chef’s light and flavorful approach to food. With Lim, Biju has cooked for many of the world’s top cyclists and cycling teams including Levi Leipheimer, Tom Danielson, Christian Vande Velde, Ben King, and Matt Busche. Biju contributes to MapMyFitness, the world’s largest social network of athletes, and is regularly featured in magazines and on television. For more information on Chef Biju, please visit Little Curry Shop.

Dr. Allen Lim is an exercise physiologist and coach to professional athletes. He has worked with elite American cyclists for Slipstream Sports and was director of sport science for the RadioShack and Garmin professional cycling teams.

When Lim left the lab to work with pro cyclists, he found a peloton weary of food. For years the sport’s elite athletes had been underperforming on bland fare and processed bars and gels. Science held few easy answers for nutrition in the real world, where hungry athletes must buy ingredients; make meals; and enjoy eating before, during, and after each workout, day after day. So Lim set out to make eating delicious and practical. His journey began with his mom, took him inside the kitchens of the Tour de France, and delivered him to a dinner party where he met celebrated chef Biju Thomas. For more information on Dr. Lim, please visit Skratch Labs.

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