Pete Stetina Loves The Feed Zone Cookbook

We here at VeloPress headquarters are often in touch with pro athletes and we also pay attention to how our books are reviewed on online retail sites. But those two sources of praise (or criticism) rarely intersect.

So we were pleasantly surprised to discover this customer review of The Feed Zone Cookbook on

“Since getting this book, I routinely make a dish each night from it as I usually have all the supplies already and they taste “restaurant good.”

That sure seems to be Peter Stetina, pro cyclist for Team Garmin-Barracuda! Thanks, Pete! (We’ll send you a copy of the sequel.)

See what other pro athletes are saying about The Feed Zone Cookbook. And don’t forget to try a few sample recipes yourself.

Pete Stetina loves The Feed Zone Cookbook


One Comment on “Pete Stetina Loves The Feed Zone Cookbook

  1. Thanks Peter.. !! was a blast watching you crushing the climbs with VDV at the Giro this year.. thanks again for your support and cooking with us !

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