The Feed Zone Cookbook Hits the Road in the Skratch Labs Mobile Kitchen

The Feed Zone Cookbook authors Dr. Allen Lim and Biju Thomas have taken their Skratch Labs Mobile Kitchen to the Amgen Tour of California to cook for Levi Leipheimer and the Omega Pharma-Quick Step pro cycling team. Throughout the race, Allen and Biju will cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, during ride portable snacks, and post-ride recovery meals for the team and staff.

Their Skratch Labs website has a super cool video series that shows what it takes to support a pro team during a stage race. We highly recommend that you check it out because you’ll get to see exactly how necessity drives invention for this Feed Zone Team.

For example, in this breakfast video from Stage 1, Biju shows how he’s baking eggs in muffin tins because they can cook more eggs more quickly, evenly, and with less mess than poaching. Brilliant!

The Feed Zone Cookbook has 160 athlete-friendly recipes that come from Allen and Biju’s experience feeding pro cyclists at races just like this.

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