Allen Lim’s Rice Cakes Fuel Pro Riders

Allen started making these rice cakes at training camps and races to give riders something savory and fresh to eat while on the bike. They became a huge hit since almost everything the riders ate was pre-packaged and sweet. Not only are these rice cakes delicious, they also provide a consistent energy source that doesn’t upset the stomach.

feed zone cookbook allen lim's rice cakes
















Try this recipe yourself! Download the recipe here: Allen Lim’s Rice Cakes from The Feed Zone Cookbook.

The Feed Zone Cookbook cover image 250pwBuy The Feed Zone Cookbook from your local bike, tri, or running shop or from these booksellers:

7 Comments on “Allen Lim’s Rice Cakes Fuel Pro Riders

  1. How do these rice cakes and other portables hold up to the summer heat while in your jersey? Should they be refrigerated for storage? How many days would they be good for?

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  3. Being of Japanese descent, it made no sense for me to wrap these rice
    cakes in parchment lined aluminum foil. Of course I wrapped them up
    in seaweed for sushi (nori). For eating on the bike, you can wrap it
    like a standard sushi roll, cut into bite-sized pieces, but I just
    made larger handrolls and ate it while stopped. The rice cakes were a
    huge hit with everyone on the ride, and there was no mess and no
    wasted aluminum foil/parchment paper etc.

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