Feed zone Portables FZP 96dpi_400pw_strFEED ZONE PORTABLES

“Food for a faster you. The recipes are simple, with generally eight ingredients or fewer, and take little time to prepare.” — Outside

“Primarily designed for cyclists to eat while riding, [these recipes] work just as well for runners when they’ve stopped running for exercise and started running to get to where they need to go on time.” — Runner’s World

“You won’t look at on-the-bike fueling the same way again.” — Triathlete magazine

“The genius of Feed Zone Portables is this: The book sits at the intersection of reality and practicality. With a little pre-planning, these items (all easy, all developed in Thomas’ home kitchen) can be taken with you for nourishment on a hike, on a ride—or simply to work or on a road trip.” — 5280 magazine

“This cookbook of 75 portable food recipes includes nine recipes just for pancakes and waffles. How awesome is that? Portables shows the athlete how to prepare simple yet tasty snacks (like cute miniature pancakes) you can eat on the run.” — Cyclelicious

“Tired of dining on bars and gels while riding? Then you may be interested in a new cookbook from Dr. Allen Lim and professional chef Biju Thomas.” — Road Bike Review

“More than 50 of the recipes are gluten-free, and most are vegetarian. All are designed for making quickly, and eating on the bike.” —

“A book like this is invaluable. Whether you’re like me or just a casual Sunday cyclist, you’re going to love Feed Zone Portables. Don’t be surprised if you ride longer and harder than ever before.” — Taylor Phinney, professional cyclist for BMC Racing Team and 2-time Olympian

“My gold medal ride in London was fueled by Biju’s Oatmeal. I told Allen to change the name to Gold Medal Oatmeal. It took a team to win—I left my nutrition to the experts and they left the ride to me.” — Kristin Armstrong, professional cyclist and 2-time Olympic gold medalist, 2-time UCI World Time Trial Champion

“After being introduced to The Feed Zone, I began to realize there was another way to eat that actually nourished me as an athlete. I didn’t have to live off of processed bars, which dehydrated me and upset my stomach.” — Matt Segal, professional rock climber for North Face Athlete Team

“Recipes from Feed Zone are my new, not-so-secret training tool. They deliver huge taste and even bigger performance benefits.” — Rebecca Rusch, professional cyclist and 4-time winner Leadville Trail 100, 3-time 24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike World Champion

“Homemade but simple seems to get me through.” — Tim Don, professional triathlete, ITU World Champion, 3-time Olympian, 5-time British Triathlon national champion

“Allen and Biju introduced me to the concept of eating real food in triathlon training and racing and it has made all the difference. Using portables on the bike, I can head out onto the run feeling fueled and ready to race hard to the finish.” — Kristen Peterson, professional triathlete and aquathlon national champion

“I travel extensively in many different countries, so I am always in search of a dependable solution to my portable energy food needs. Simple, nutritious ingredients and easy preparation are a winning combination when it comes to keeping yourself healthy on the road.” — Carlo Traversi, professional rock climber and 2-time sport climbing national champion, 5-time USA Climbing National Team member

FZC The Feed Zone Cookbook cover photoTHE FEED ZONE COOKBOOK

The Feed Zone Cookbook features unique, simple recipes for quick meals that will help fuel your workouts and speed recovery.” — Men’s Journal

“The beauty of The Feed Zone Cookbook is that it is practical and based on real-life experience—not just theory…Let The Feed Zone Cookbook help you find your way into the kitchen with enthusiasm.” —

“[The Feed Zone Cookbook is] packed with recipes that will not only offer healthy alternatives, but actually taste good as well.” —

“The chapter on homemade energy bars, which are made from rice and eggs and other savories, is probably the single most unique feature. However, there’s also tons of straightforward meal recipes (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) that are both quick and easy to prepare.” — Outside magazine

“The foods described are intentionally simple to prepare, impressively flavorful, easy to digest…Just honest to goodness recipes made with real food.” — BikeRadar

The Feed Zone Cookbook is allowing us to have our cake and eat it too…Packed with tasty recipes.” — Paved magazine

“The Feed Zone Cookbook is the ultimate guide for triathletes who want to support their training with delicious, wholesome food.” — Triathlete magazine

“Dr. Lim’s experience is just the kind of thing us serious athletes look for in a cookbook author….For the athlete on your list who trains hard and appreciates fresh, wholesome food and creative fusions of flavors, The Feed Zone Cookbook won’t disappoint.” — LAVA magazine

“[A cookbook] geared towards athletes that actually has recipes that make you excited to hit the kitchen…Creative, beautiful, and inspiring…straightforward, yummy, and yes, actually good for us athletes.” — 3/GO magazine