Taking World-wide Requests: Would you like The Feed Zone Cookbook E-book in your country?

VeloPress has been getting requests to make The Feed Zone Cookbook e-book available all over the world. We can do that. It will be tough to make it available everywhere, because there are a lot of countries!

So we’re taking requests. Tell us your country in a comment below and we’ll enable distribution to your country through the iTunes store. Before you make your request, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. The Feed Zone Cookbook is available exclusively through the iTunes store for iPad.
  2. If iTunes is not available in your country, you won’t be able to get The Feed Zone Cookbook e-book.

The Feed Zone Cookbook offers 160 athlete-friendly recipes that are simple, delicious, and easy to prepare. Find The Feed Zone Cookbook in your local bookstore; bike, tri, or running shop; or order from these booksellers:FZC The Feed Zone Cookbook cover photo

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19 thoughts on “Taking World-wide Requests: Would you like The Feed Zone Cookbook E-book in your country?

    • We can only do iPad, sorry, Ricky. The other e-readers just can’t handle a highly illustrated cookbook without a ton of conversion expense.

  1. Hello, I would love to purchase the ebook version for the ibooks app for ipad. My country is Greece. Thank you in advance!

    • Done! We released the book to the EU nations last week! Watch for the e-book in the iTunes bookstore over the next few days.

  2. Would love to get it off iTunes in Australia. I’ve searched for it today on the iTunes store and cannot find it by either searching on title or author.

  3. France, but you should consider other format, kobo, kindle that we allow your readers to read your book from a pc, mac and many other devices…

    • The other readers cannot properly display the recipes or food photos without essentially redesigning the book. I believe iTunes France has the ability to sell the book already. You’ve been unable to find it?

  4. Folks, in response to your requests and in preparation for the new Feed Zone Portables book which is coming in April, we’ve improved distribution of the e-book edition of The Feed Zone Cookbook to more countries.

    The Feed Zone Cookbook e-book should soon be available through Apple’s iTunes store in these countries:

    The entire European Union
    Great Britain
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    South Africa
    United States

    Apple can take several weeks to allow an e-book to be distributed. We have made the e-book files available to Apple’s iTunes store and there are no foreign rights agreements that prevent The Feed Zone Cookbook e-book from being available in the countries listed above.

    Please let us know if you are able — or not able — to find the e-book in the countries above. Where possible, we’ll try to help move things along.

    I have subscribed to your comments to this post, so please reply to this post and not posts above.



    • Hi Olivio,

      We have released the book to Australia as well as all the countries listed in my post on 3/19/2013. We’ve also released it to all EU nations. If the book continues not to be available through iTunes, I recommend that you get in touch with Apple customer service and request that they make it available, since we have not restricted its sale. At this point, it’s up to Apple to put it on their various national stores.

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