The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen #45: Rice Smoothie

The rice smoothie is one of the few recipes in The Feed Zone Cookbook that didn’t work for me the first time I tried it and I blame my rice. I had some white rice left over in the fridge, and I thought a recovery smoothie would be a great way to use it up. Wrong! Stick to the recipe — use sticky rice.

The taste of the smoothie was great; sweet, salty, refreshing, a little hearty. It was the consistency of the smoothie that was startling. Using normal white rice is going to lead you to an unsmoothie. In other words, you’ll be chewing the rice a bit before you can put it down the hatch. Another reader recommended soaking the rice in milk for a few minutes before blending it, which definitely helped when I tried the recipe again.

feed zone cookbook rice smoothieBut the best way to make this smoothie is definitely with sushi (sticky) rice. Sticky rice is softer than white, which means that it blends into the smoothie much more readily.

I’m not sure I’ll make this recipe a regular post-workout drink, even though I know that the high glycemic index of rice makes it ideal for recharging the muscles. I’ll probably save this drink for peak training periods and after the hardest workouts.

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About Dave

The Feed Zone Cookbook Tester: DaveAs an athlete: I’m an all-round endurance athlete: I’m a decent swimmer, a recreational cyclist, and a somewhat competitive runner.

In the kitchen: The “recipes” I rely on have just a few ingredients and take under 15 minutes to prepare. My wife has told me many times that she expects to come home some night to find that I’ve turned into a bowl of pasta. I consider myself a breakfast specialist; if it’s got eggs, I can cook it.

How I fuel: I too often put off lunch and run or ride on an empty stomach over lunch; I’m no stranger to bonking.

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