The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen #14: Grilled Chicken with Summer Orzo

Feed Zone Cookbook grilled chicken with summer orzoGrab a big spoon, not a fork, because you’ll be chowing down on this dish. This meal was just delicious. We loved it, partly because it reminded us so much of one of our favorite all-time recipes from, Baked Orzo with Shrimp and Feta. The Epicurious recipe has for years been one of our go-to recipes for dinner parties and out-of-town guests, but I will be using this Feed Zone recipe from now on. It’s faster because of grilling, cheaper because it’s chicken, and it seriously tasted just great.

This dish is really quite light, but it has the big, satisfying flavor of a much heavier dish.  I think this makes it ideal for use as a big, post-workout meal. You’ll feel like you’ve eaten a lot, but you won’t feel weighed down or bloated.

We thawed just half the amount of chicken that the recipe called for, which is why our skewers in the photo look so pathetic compared to the huge chicken chunks in the book’s photo. So I will definitely grill up two chicken breasts next time instead of one. I will probably try bigger chunks, too, because they look so tasty in the book.

This recipe is going into the regular dinner rotation. The recipe calls for 30 minutes prep time, but I bet I can get it under 20…

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The Feed Zone Cookbook Tester: DaveAbout Dave

As an athlete: I’m an all-round endurance athlete: I’m a decent swimmer, a recreational cyclist, and a somewhat competitive runner.

In the kitchen: The “recipes” I rely on have just a few ingredients and take under 15 minutes to prepare. My wife has told me many times that she expects to come home some night to find that I’ve turned into a bowl of pasta. I consider myself a breakfast specialist; if it’s got eggs, I can cook it.

How I fuel: I too often put off lunch and run or ride on an empty stomach over lunch; I’m no stranger to bonking.

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