The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen #6: Flatiron Steak with Mustard Sauce

The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen: Flatiron SteakBy spending too much time on paperwork and bike fits, I didn’t have the time to go work out myself. So, a healthy steak and a salad were on tap. I had a nice Flatiron steak in the fridge, orzo in the cabinet and basil growing in my garden. Bingo! Hello, deliciousness.

For the steak, the combination of salt, pepper and sugar made a delicious crust on the steak and kept the flavor in.  I’m not a huge fan of sauces as I think they are typically used to mask a bad piece of meat, but I figured I would give it a try and was delightfully surprised. I substituted fat-free Greek yogurt and it, along with the whole-grain mustard, made a wonderful sauce with a little bit of zing.

The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen: Flatiron SteakThe steak and sauce worked so well together, the leftovers have made it into a pita with spinach and tomato sandwich for today’s lunch. [Ed. note: Bonus points for recycling a meal!]




Try this recipe yourself! Download The Feed Zone Cookbook Flatiron Steak with Mustard Sauce recipe!

The Feed Zone Cookbook cover image 250pwPlease order The Feed Zone Cookbook from your local bike, tri, or running shop or these booksellers:

The Feed Zone Cookbook Tester: JasonAbout Jason

As an athlete: I love to ski and I love to ride a bike. Any bike. You can find me ripping the local XC/DH trails, racing cyclocross or participating in any of the local Fondo’s.

In the kitchen: I love to cook……for others. I hate to cook for myself unless it takes under 5 minutes. Cooking steaks, pizza from scratch, grilling fresh veggies from the garden is always a treat when sharing with others. Good wholesome food and good fuel.

How I fuel: I go one of two ways. I overeat before a ride which leads to cramping and riding slooooowly. Or, I ride on an empty stomach which leads to cramping and riding slooowly. Unless the ride is under 2 hours, then I’m light as a feather.

Jason works for Pedal Pushers Cyclery, located in Golden, Colorado. Pedal Pushers Cyclery has a different perspective on bikes. We’re a store of bike geeks who loves anything with two wheels. We may sell some of the most exclusive brands around, but we all agree that the best bike in the world is the one that makes you smile.

One Comment on “The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen #6: Flatiron Steak with Mustard Sauce

  1. Coble !! that steak look delicious…and so very sneaky of you to have back up for a second meal. thanks for cooking and reviewing Jason. We need to do a book release / cooking and bikes party at your shop soon. see you on the roads !!

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