The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen #4: Orange Chicken

The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen: Orange ChickenDuring the height of my summer training, I continually craved orange chicken from a nearby fast food joint.  So after thumbing through the recipes, the orange chicken became a logical first choice.  Being able to make one of my favorite training dishes out of my own kitchen would be phenomenal.

I’m not overly skilled in the kitchen, so it was comforting seeing that only minimal ingredients were required and I had actually heard of each.  I used jasmine rice rather than calrose and cooked the chicken as recommended in the “cooked & ready” section.  Due to the extended prep time for the meat, it took about 45 minutes to prepare the meal.  Had the chicken been pre-cooked, it would have been 20 minutes, max.

As with training, I generally don’t deviate much from the plan and followed the recipe line by line only omitting the chili sauce by personal preference (as well as forgetting to pick some up at the store).  However, it was not missed and the simple yet delicious dressing pulled the entire meal together.  I don’t think there would be any harm in doubling the dressing as the amount in the recipe seemed suitable for a single serving.

I think the leftover chicken and rice will be perfect for whipping together the Honey Ginger Chicken Wraps for lunch.  One thing I noticed right away is that many of the recipes use common ingredients which saves trips to the store, waste from leftovers, and time in preparing.

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Try this recipe yourself! Download The Feed Zone Cookbook Orange Chicken recipe (pdf).
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Tester Darin
About Darin
As an athlete: I enjoy most outdoor sports and have been running marathons and half-marathons for the past 8 years.  I recently finished my first Ironman 70.3® with hopes of finishing a full Ironman® next May.

In the kitchen:  With a busy work and training schedule, I find little time to prepare meals and most often resort to fueling myself with fast food after evening workouts. Although I like to experiment in the kitchen, I generally look for quick and easy recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

How I fuel: I’m a snacker eating small amounts multiple times a day with what’s available in the vending machine with little regard to nutrition.  Perhaps the reason I’m always running low on energy.

2 Comments on “The Feed Zone Cookbook Test Kitchen #4: Orange Chicken

  1. Darin, thanks for the notes ! that is one of my favorite dishes and I personally go for more sauce. I’ve always loved orange chicken but the heavy / greasy batter has always been a bit too much. thanks for posting, I look forward to more !


  2. This was excellent and super easy! I only needed 1/2 cup of flour to coat the chicken, and I used buckwheat flour instead, because that is what I had on hand. I ended up adding 1 full cup of red cabbage and would probably add more next time, because it wilted down quite a bit. Served with quinoa and steamed swiss chard.

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